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Your doggo is our family

Here at Muttalicious we know that your dog is not just a member of your household...

...they are a member of your family and much more besides.
If you are anything like us your mutt probably rule the roost, the sofa & the car aswell.
So at Muttalicious, our treats are made form 100% human quality ingredients. So not really dog treats - just treats!We stand by our key value that if your dinner is in the dog its probably good enough to eat if you operate on two legs or four.Our peanut butter & oat bones for example make a remarkably good biscuit to enjoy with a strong cheese (eating is believing!)

Muttalicious was founded in 2017 by HR consultant Rayna Kutner.Finding dealing with our four legged, canine friends much more agreeable than the grumbles of her two legged counterparts, she devoted herself to Muttalicious (in the middle of a pandemic) to follow her doggy dreams full time -
Well who doesn't like a challenge!

Founder Rayna Kutner with Dog Isis


So what have we been up to?Aside from looking after Isis in her advancing years; tending to our Dogwalking clients twice a day (sorry the wait list is currently full) and squirrelling away (ooh squirrel!) in the Muttalicious treats lab..,*As if that isnt enough, we are working away on new flavours for a new season and booking the stall into a few select makers markets & dog shows.Be sure to sign up for our mailing list for full details and locations - We love meeting our customers in person. There may even be a few tasters on offer - gratis of course.*Thats lab-oratory not lab-rador btw!So, if that hasn't set the saliva running down your canine teeth, feel free to take a look at some of our sumptuous delights currently winging their way from our kitchen to you.(updated 26th April 2022)

Celebration Cakes

What better way to celebrate the coming of age of your pampered pooch than with one of our delectable celebration cakes.Made with a choice of sponge:
Liver & Blueberry
Chicken & Carrot
Sardine & Spinach
or our favourite sharer:The Peanut Butter & Banana Bonanza CakeOur cakes are topped with a dog friendly potato based "icing" and canine compatible cheese decorations... Just make sure you portion at the party as our clients know once served, they don't last long in front of the birthday boy or girl!

Signature Muffins

Our current range includesSardine & Spinach
Pumpkin & Cinnamon
Liver & Blueberry
Turkey & Cranberry
Dog Friendly Fruit Cake
The Muffins are available for delivery via royal mail vac packed for freshness in a box of three or why not sign up to our monthly subscription box to land on your doormat along with a host of other delicious doggy delectables...New flavours on their way from our kitchen as soon as Isis has thoroughly tested them.Peanut Butter & Banana
Blueberry & Vanilla
Apple & Cinnamon

K9 Cookies

Who's a good doggy then!Our cookies make the perfect training treat broken into four whilst out for a walk, or as "well done" on your return.Like our mutts we offer a mixed bag (one of each flavour) or for the more discerning doggy amongst us of, six of the best - This Dog knows what they want!Peanut Butter & Oat Bone
Liver Flapjack
Mini Cheesy Bone
Orange & Cranberry Flapjack
Coconut Cookie
Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack
Serving Suggestion: With a big wet dog cuddle after a long walk - keep your fingers clear of the action end!

Mini Cheesy Bones


The Muttalicious stall will be at Forty Hall Farmers Market on Sunday 10th July 2022. Opening is 10am until 3pm.
The market is very popular and the surrounding parkland, woods and stream are great for taking your dog.
Come see us and find some great local, organic and healthy foods and drinks etc.


You know you would! So until we can accept orders online, pop your name and e-mail address on the form to the right to receive info on all our upcoming product launches, monthly newsletter & doggy gatherings coming in this spring...

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Birthday cake for Julie